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  • 4 Person Drying TableSuper Deluxe Drying Table - 4 Manicure/ 4 Pedicure
  • Deluxe Manicure DryerDeluxe Manicure Dryer
  • 6 Person Drying TableSuper Deluxe Drying Table - 6 Manicure/ 6 Pedicure
  • Dual DryerDual Quik Manicure Dryer
  • 2 Person Drying TableSuper Deluxe Drying Table - 2 Manicure/ 2 Pedicure
  • Quik Dryer
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Lanel invented the Nail dryer 30 years ago, after 30 years of manufacturing the best Dryers we perfected the Dryers to a point we can offer a 5 Year Warranty. With all the Latest motors, lamps, and experience, we are manufacturing this Dryer to be the best Professional way to dry nail polish and topcoat.

Women were complaining that their hands and feet were cold during the winter months, so we added a control knob for winter/summer use.

The new elegant and ingenious design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance; the top half of the Dryer flip open to allow Easy access.

The all-metal reliable and elegant Nail Dryer will add to your Professional nail salon.

All Dryers are made the USA with the highest quality materials possible, which gives years of trouble/maintenance-free use.

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